Interior Design in Singapore – Top Essential Tips!

Posted by poweruser1 on July 3, 2010

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You have just bought a lot in your dream town, in the right district and in the perfect area for your dream house. Now, since you have completed that essential first step in getting your dream home, all you have to do is to find the right people for the job. That’s easy right? Wrong.

Hiring the right contractor and designer to work on your dream home is one of the most important things you have to consider when starting to build your dream home. This process requires patience, resource and a lot of consideration before you commit to these people who will be working on your dream home. It could be stressful, but someone has to do it and that person is you.

Here are some of the considerations that you have to take in choosing the right designer and/or contractor for the job:

  • You have to make sure that these people first and foremost have the skills and the credentials to do the job.
  • Second, that they are willing to do the job within the time frame that they are given.
  • Third, and this is important, that they do the job right and create for you your dream home within the budget that you require.
  • Fourth, for them to cooperate and work harmoniously together for the completion of the project and;
  • Fifth and final consideration, is that they should be honest and trustworthy people that would not overcharge you and leave you hanging.

Sounds hard already? It should not be hard if you follow the tips that I am going to give you on how to choose the right contractor and/or designer for you.

  1. Be ready with an idea of the house you want.

Since it is your dream home, you must have an idea of what you want. List down these specifications on a paper or tear out pictures from magazines of styles and houses that you like and keep them handy so that you can show them to the contractor/ designer. This would eliminate the initial guesswork and would help them and yourself get a clearer picture of the house that you want built.

2. Ask around for recommendations.

Aside from looking around on the internet, you have to ask around from friends and family about their contractors especially if their home is similar to the style that you want done. If they recommend someone, ask if you could look at their home to see the final product of what they did. More likely  than not, they will start telling stories of commendation or warning you about their contractor if this contractor/designer had done anything to worng them. Ask them significant questions like how the effective the contractor was and if you can have the number of this contractor. By asking questions to direct customers, you can have a clear idea of which contractors/designers to call up or avoid.

3. Look at online portfolios.

Most contractors and designers nowadays have online websites that feature work they have done. Compare the picture that you have or the style that you want to the pictures that they have online. Choose at least three to five contractors and designers and email or call them to ask if you can set up a free consultation. Most contractors and designers will be willing to talk to you and see if you are a client that they would like to have. During this meeting, you have to be upfront and honest with them about your budget and your requirements ( if you need hand railings for disabled, or a baby in the house or a pet). Raise your concerns and ask them if they could deliver. They would most likely ask you questions as well so they can design a home that fits your personality and lifestyle. Answer them as completely as possible. You could also ask them which contractors/designers they have worked with and if you already have a designer/contractor lined up, you should ask this person if he would be comfortable working with the other person. It is important and essential that they work harmoniously in this venture to avoid problems in the long run.

I hope that these tips have enlightened you on how to effectively choose the right designers and/or contractors that would work on your home. Happy renovating!


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