Renovation in Singapore – Is a cheaper quote always better?

Posted by poweruser1 on July 7, 2010

In today’s modern world saving money is very important. We save up for everything and cut corners every way we can to scrimp pennies for a rainy day. However, like everything else there is a time and place for everything. You can save money on water. You can save on groceries and electricity. You can even save on gasoline. But definitely ,if you want to scrimp on your home renovation, you might want to think twice because cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s better, it’s worth it or it’s practical.

Cheaper is not always Better

When a designer offers you a quote that is cheaper than a competitor’s quote, do not jump on it and commit to his design just because it will save you money. You have to remember that cheaper does not mean its better. It only means that it is just a lower price than what you would normally pay for.

We have all experienced the difference between something that is “cheaply made” and something that is “a lot of value for the money” (inexpensive but effective).We should distinguish between the two and establish the difference so that we would not fall victim to cheap stuff.

A cheaper renovation quote only means that the designer had cut corners and has not given you a quality design just to beat the competition’s estimate and get you as a client. It also means that he or she is not giving you the best value for your buck because he is trying to fit all the design ideas into a smaller budget. Sometimes, this might mean to lower quality materials, weaker and hurried construction and an overall half-assed, haphazard or substandard job because they aren’t paid that much for the job.

You get what you pay for.

If you go to a bargain store, you will find items on sale that are just “ok” or “low-quality” but you’re ok to pay for that because it’s on sale. The same is true for your renovation. If you agree to a cheap renovation, do not expect super results. You just simply get what you pay for. You cannot expect high quality materials and the best kind of results if you scrimp on this renovation. Chances are,  you will not be satisfied with the results because your expectations does not match the price you paid for it.

You could compare this to toys and games from your childhood that by any standard was cheap. They fell apart quickly and easily.  The same goes for your home renovation. If you go by what is cheap, rather than what is quality then you may end up getting something that would not last a long time or that would break easily and will not satisfy you. But, don’t blame the contractor. You decided to be cheap, so he gave you cheap.

Cheap, Fast, and Right

One of the things I learned from one of my mentors was the concept of the three important attributes to service:  —cheap, fast and right.  I also learned only two were generally attainable at one time. It could be any two: cheap and fast but it wasn’t right; cheap and right but it wasn’t fast; fast and right but it wasn’t cheap.

Today it seems, many individual home renovation decisions wrestle with these same three attributes and often make compromises along the way. When we want something cheap and fast, we often don’t really expect it to be right because it’s disposable anyway. At times, we are willing to go for right and fast. We know it isn’t going to be cheap, but we value the higher quality and we want it now.  We might want to consider the last option for home renovation because we all know that to get quality work done, we need to pay for it.

Cheaper is definitely not better, it’s not practical and it’s not good when it comes to renovation quotes. Remember that this is your home, so we do not want it to look cheap as well.


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