Newbie’s guide to Singapore Interior Design

Posted by poweruser1 on July 1, 2010

When you furnish your home in Singapore, you will have a variety of choices when it comes to furniture, Singapore interior design styles allows for you to have a choice of modern furniture as well as ready-made and custom furniture. Singapore interior design styles exhibit the increasingly popular rattan and oriental furniture.

Antiques, Reproductions and the Likes

Singapore rental homes usually come already designed and furnished.  Singapore interior design styles are often already exhibited in these homes.  Although you may also choose to have it furnished to your desires, you can simply contact Singapore interior design specialists in order to gain the best interior décor for your home while in Singapore.

Antiques are used for various items that can range from religious artifacts to furniture like chest cabinets and the likes.   Your antique furniture can really go well with an Singapore interior design but you do need to be careful when choosing your antiques.

1 300x196 Newbies guide to Singapore Interior Design

Newbie's guide to Singapore Interior Design

2 144x85 Newbies guide to Singapore Interior Design

Custom Furniture

Now, if you want your Singapore interior design home to be truly unique, then you can have your furniture custom made.  In order to avoid misunderstanding with regards to your furniture design, you can provide a photograph and write your requirements down. When you do Singapore interior design homes, making custom furniture fit your home is one work that should be perfected by your interior decorator.

Oriental Furniture

If it’s an oriental feel you like, then your Singapore interior design home can make use of beautiful oriental furniture that will make the feel of your home completely authentic.  Oriental furniture that is made from China, India and even Indonesia comes with native touches and often feels quite exotic.  You can get these types of oriental furniture in order for your Singapore interior design home be totally oriental inspired.

Teak Furniture

Teak means Tectona grandis in Latin and teak furniture is readily available in Southeast Asia and will be a wonderful addition to your Singapore interior design homes.  Teak is a very dense and coarse hardwood which is well known for resisting wear and tear as well as water damage.

If you want your furniture to last for a long time and keep in style with your Singapore interior design look then it is only proper to ensure that your furniture will go well with your design and last as long as your design as well.

Electrical Appliances, Etc.

With the times your home will of course include television sets, computers and its accessories.  Make sure that you place these appliances in furniture that fits your design. For example, entertainment systems can be placed in teak television cabinets if your home’s design will focus on teak furnishings.

Whichever way you wish to do your Singapore interior design home, you should always take into consideration your actual desires, your budget and your own aesthetics as well. Don’t rely on your interior decorator alone, most especially if you have your own thoughts as to how your home should look like whether the home is yours or rented.


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